September 9, 2016

Property Management

Worry Free Maintenance


Harper inspects properties on a monthly basis to ensure efficient operations and positive tenant relations. Harper is skilled in negotiating and implementing third-party maintenance contracts for all facets of operations. Harper leverages the expertise of Corporate Facility Group, a third party contractor, to evaluate operational performance and develop long-term capital improvement plans for each property. Their national network allows Harper to leverage their understanding of pricing and knowledge concerning building systems and equipment.

Quality Maintenance & Repairs: Harper Associates is skilled in sourcing vendors and third party contract negotiations as well as understanding vendor pricing to maximize the value of maintenance contracts and value added services.
Expense Reduction: Harper Associates reviews expenses and contractual relationships regularly to find opportunities to increase value. This process involves reviewing scope of services and negotiating discounts to make sure each property producing the utmost return on investment and with a focus on asset preservation.
Risk Management: Harper Associates works with Corporate Facilities Group, a professional third-party facility operator, to evaluate the building systems and equipment. They help to identify maintenance problems that if left unaddressed may require costly repairs.
Tenant Retention: Harper Associates engages in strategic tenant retention and a follow-up program to ensure that tenant concerns are being properly handled.