March 5, 2012

Investment, Acquisition and Development

Richmond Virginia Real Estate Development and Aquisition

Harper Associates actively sources real estate investment opportunities in land, retail, office and industrial markets.   We approach all deals with the same entrepreneurial investment strategy which has produced consistent results since 1995. Beginning with financial modeling and proforma analysis, we evaluate revenue, expenses and returns.  We hold real estate for capital preservation, capital appreciation, tax incentives and for recurring cash distributions.  When we evaluate the numbers, we explore risks to understand what is involved and limit exposure.

Our approach to managing the investment process goes beyond modeling.  We believe a “hands-on” and daily approach to our investments allows us to lead the process and control decision making instead of waiting to react.  The professional networks we maintain in the banking, leasing, engineering, construction and consultants enable us to leverage the expertise in each particular field giving us greater insight into the value of each real estate product.